In this eTwinning project the students from all countries will get to know each other by writing on the twinspace. They will introduce themselves and their schools. Then they will begin to share different scientific experiments that they perform at school. Topics in common are "Acids and Alkalis" and "Chemical Reactions". They will also share other experiments from different topics. They will do this by writing down the experimental report, filming and uploading the video clip of the experiment and posting feed back to each other commenting about what they like, what they would improve and what they didn't like. At the end of the project (about June) there will be an online competition and all the students will vote for their favourite experiment and say why they chose it. We will have a final winner! ! ! !


New Italian experiment

Posted by: Giuseppe Venturi

Soxhlet Extraction of oil from Coffee grounds
This simple experiment shows how natural products are often extracted to concentrate soluble materials. A soxhlet extractor is specially designed for such extractions. This experiment shows the glassware setup required for a soxhlet extraction. Coffee grounds are placed in the extraction “thimble” The experiment shows how vaporization and condensation occur throughout the apparatus. AFTER WE'LL CONVERT THE OIL EXTRACTED FROM COFFEE GROUNDS INTO BIODIESEL