International Youth eMagazine

This project aims at creating a common e-magazine for students learning English or using it as their native language. Becoming journalist they explore different topics, write their articles and publish them in the magazine on This entitles them to make comments about other articles and initiate contacts with other students.


A possible topic

Posted by: Alice Ohlanders

Hello fellow e-twinners.  I don't know if anyone has started on the project yet.  I thought that someone would contact me but I see that the post is up, so why not contribute an idea.

One area that might be worth exploring would be FEAR. When do young people feel unsafe What do they consider threatening situations? What places do they avoid? What times of the day or night do they feel most fearful?

Please let me know the time frame for the project.

Alice Ohlanders, Slottegymnasiet, Sweden