Young Poets Society

Our project motto: ‘A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom" (Robert Frost ). Poetry is a necessary medium for people to communicate, to promote their creativity, to explore themselves and express their feelings and emotions. Therefore, poetry can motivate students and present a wide range of learning opportunities. Through the “Young Poets Society” project, students from Greece, Poland and Romania will exchange poems of great poets of their countries, explore their characteristics and finally, they will cooperate to write their own poems using various structures and styles (haiku, cinquain, quatrain, sensory-emotion poems, couplets, diamonte poems, limericks, shape poems, tanka, ballad, and free verse poems). All these poems will be illustrated with the students own drawings and, finally, they will be included in an e-book under the title “Young Poets Society: Collection of Poems”. Students will also use their poems creatively to make their own video or audio files, dramatize them or make them into songs. All this material will be hosted in a blog specially designed for this project.


Final Thoughts!

Posted by: Paraskevi Belogia

My experience in the project!

Written Spanouli Eleni

I have never taken part in an eTwinning project before and I think that it was one of the most rewarding experiences at school! Writing poetry seemed difficult at the beginning but after a while we were all writing poems easily and we were always looking forward to the next activities.nbsp; I loved the poems that our partners from Romania wrote.nbsp; They are all so talented and they seem to be able to use the English language very well! We were all impressed by their poems!nbsp; I hope they liked our poems, too:)nbsp; I also liked learning things about their country and their way of living!! Of course, the cooperative poem was my favourite activity!! I hope I can take part in more eTwinning projects in the future:))

Congratulations to all of us!

Written Tsioufi Anastasia

This project helped me express myself through writing poetry and taught me how to write poetry by experimenting with various poetic styles!! The best activity for me was "My Wonderful World" because it made me use my imagination and create an ideal world for people to live in! What I found difficult was making rhymes, but I think that I finally made it:) Working with my partners from Romania was amazing and we had an excellent collaboration together!! I enjoyed reading their poems and commenting on them!! I wish to keep in touch with my partner Camelia, with who I worked on the Cooperative Poem and we wrote a great poem together:)) Congratulations to all of us and to our teachers who gave us the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful project!!

About our project!

Written by Arohovitis Napoleon

It was great fun working on this project:) I liked writing poetry, I enjoyed painting pictures for my poems and I also enjoyed creating videos based on our poems!! Our final e-book is awesome!!!But, most of all, I loved working with children from other countries and doing lots of different things together! It was a great experience and I wish all the best to my partners and our teachers! :)

An Amazing Experience!

Written by Dolgira Eleni

The "Young Poets Society" project was really nice and enjoyable! It made me understand that everyone can write poetry and I found out that there are many things around us that can inspire us!!nbsp; It was a new experience for me and being a member of this project is something that makes me feel happy and lucky!nbsp; We all made it and we created so different and special poems!

Great job, everybody!!!

I can already see the prize coming!Cool

Being a Young Poet!

Written by Mitroulias Efthimis

I had a great time working on the project!! Although at the beginning I thought it would be a demanding project with lots of activities, I soon realised that it was a very pleasant experience and I was really happy to take part in it! What I enjoyed the most was that I cooperated with students from other countries and we worked together on most of the activities! I am really happy to work with you, guys, I hope to visit your countries soon and meet all of you:))

My Experience!

Written by Vavritsa Irene

I enjoyed working on this project and I loved writing poetry. It's great to find a way to express yourself and your feelings and we all made it through poetry! All of the activities in the "Young Poets Society" were amazing, but I mostly liked writing the " I am a Poem" poem, because it revealed my true self to my partners and I got to know them better through their poems, too! I will never forget the Cooperative Poem that I wrote with my partner from Romania! It was a really creative activity and we wrote a great poem together :)

I'm sure I will continue to write poetry even after the end of our project!

Kisses to all of my partners!!!

My experience as a Young Poet!

Written by Sakellariou Fotini

This year I had the chance to learn how to write poems in English during my English lessons at school!nbsp; It was our teacher's idea to make the lesson less boring. At first, I found this idea exciting but also difficult to put into practice.nbsp; Soon enough, I changed my mind completely.nbsp; I realised I was able to actually write poetry and sometimes it turned out to be quite good!:Dnbsp; I was eager to read my partners' comments after I published each of my poems and I loved reading their poems, too! Our poetry blog is amazing! I couldn't imagine how hard we would all try to write great poetry! And we all enjoyed it! Being a member of this project was a unique experience for me because I practiced and improved my English and I enjoyed every minute of it! I hope to take part in similar projects in the future!! Kisses to all of my partners and new friends:))

A Fantastic Experience!

Written by Dassiou Catherine

My experience in the project was fantastic! I learnt how to write poems using different poetic styles and I learnt new things about poetry which I didn't know before! In fact, it was the first time I have written poetry and I did my best in all of the activities:) I loved working with students from other countries and making new friends! I mostly enjoyed the Cooperative Poems where I worked togethere with my partner, Andreea, and wrote a wonderful poem together!! We were all very lucky to take part in this wonderful project:)

"Young Poets Society": Final Thoughts

Written by Sakellariou Venia

I enjoyed taking part in this eTwinning project because I made new friends from other countries, I learnt things about their country, their customs and their culture.nbsp; I wish to visit Romania and Poland in the future because they seem beautiful and in my visit there I hope I meet some of my partners:). My best wishes to all of my partners and to our teachers!!

A Wonderful Experience!

Written by Anagnostopoulou Despoina

This year's etwinning project was a wonderful experience for me! I enjoyed writing poems and I met new friends from other countries!nbsp; I also liked reading my partners' poems! They were all wonderful! I hope I keep contact with my new friends even after the end of the project! A big 'thank you' to our teachers who gave us this wonderful opportunity to express ourselves in such a creative way!!:)

Being a Real Poet!

Written by Dima Orges

This wonderful project made me feel a real poet! I loved the part where my partner from Romania and I wrote together the Cooperative Poem! I would really like to travel to her country and meet her! One of my favourite activities was writing the poem "My wonderful World" because I think that it let me express myself! No difficulty stopped me from writing poetry. I am really happy that I took part in such a great project and I met new people!Laughing

Young Poets Society

Written by Giannikis Vaggelis

I liked all the activities in this project! We wrote so many poems and worked on different poetic styles! The best was the Cooperative Poems activity! It was the first time I wrote poetry and it was fantastic! Greeting to Romania, and to our wonderful partners!!:)

Being a Young Poet!

Written by Theoharis Thanasis

When I first heard about this eTwinning project, I was excited that we were going to write our own poems and I asked my teacher to join without a second thought! Soon, it was time to write our own poems! I thought it would be hard for me but then I realised it wasn't so difficult! It was fun and creative! I just loved the whole experience!

About the Young Poets Society Project

Written by Voulgari Maria

When our teacher told us that we are going to join an etwinning project and write poetry I didn't believe I would make it. I thought it would be really difficult to write poetry and especially in English! Finally, I feel proud because I managed to write poems and express myself this way and I am also happy that I made new friends from other countries and especially from Romania. I hope we win a prize in the eTwinning awards and meet our partners soon!

Take care,


Being a Young Poet

Written by Alina Cristea

....Today we are writing our stories on the misty windows...

Writing is never as easy as I'd want it to be. But, also, I've never imagined that it can be so funny. Even though the name of this project can easily suggest rigidity and severity, behind it there's only freedom and the power to shape each word by using your imagination. Actually, now, the metaphors and those incredibly difficult allegories represent our second nature because every poem takes birth quickly and naturally. I really want to thank Mrs. Belogia Paraskevi because, thanks to her amazing project, I got the chance to socialize with very talented children from abroad and I also had the pleasure to cooperate with them- in fact, I believe that the Free Verse Cooperative Poems are the greatest. I also want to thank my teacher, because English has been the bridge that brought us closer to each other and it helped us in our attempt to write poetry. It also gave me the opportunity to laugh because of our partners' humor. I don't think I could have understood their poems in other circumstances. The odd thing about it is that I've always imagined greeks as very sober people...

So that's why, If I were asked again, I would not think about it so reluctantly and I would say "Definitely yes" to this wonderful opportunity .

What's it like to be a young poet

Written by Andreea Pavel

To be a young poet it's nice and funny. Wink I like this experience because i develop my imagination and my vocabulary. Also, this is an opportunity to express my thoughts and my feelings and it gives me the opportunity to be creative. Smile

What's it like to be a young poet

Written by Ioana Mincu

I have a continue-creating mind. I always wanted to write all the creations of it, but I never knew how to start. This project really helped me. I loved writing all those poems, being part of this awesome group and I'm glad I accepted this challenge. I really liked expressing my sentiments through writing poems. Thank you for this experience!

young poets society

Written by Valentina Sociu

Being a member of the young poetsrsquo; society is like a big opportunity for me because it helps me use my imagination in a good way: writing poems. I can also read the others' poems and improve my skils which is another reason why I like to be a poetSmile

What's it like to be a young poet

Written by Andreea Ivanescu

Participating at this project is for us, young poets, both an open gate to knowing other people and other perspectives as well as an important opportunity to develop creativity and imagination. I feel happy and honored to be part of this group and I am waiting with excitement each time the proposals of our teachers. I'd really like to meet EVI, the Greek teacher who came up with the idea of this project because she seems to be very nice and creative and because I want to meet the teacher behind the computer.Smile