Young Poets Society

Our project motto: ‘A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom" (Robert Frost ). Poetry is a necessary medium for people to communicate, to promote their creativity, to explore themselves and express their feelings and emotions. Therefore, poetry can motivate students and present a wide range of learning opportunities. Through the “Young Poets Society” project, students from Greece, Poland and Romania will exchange poems of great poets of their countries, explore their characteristics and finally, they will cooperate to write their own poems using various structures and styles (haiku, cinquain, quatrain, sensory-emotion poems, couplets, diamonte poems, limericks, shape poems, tanka, ballad, and free verse poems). All these poems will be illustrated with the students own drawings and, finally, they will be included in an e-book under the title “Young Poets Society: Collection of Poems”. Students will also use their poems creatively to make their own video or audio files, dramatize them or make them into songs. All this material will be hosted in a blog specially designed for this project.


Cooperative Poems!

Posted by: Paraskevi Belogia

After posting their wonderful love poems, our students started working on the "Cooperative Poems" which we consider as the most interesting and creative task of this project:)

So, in this part of the project students write their own free verse poems on one of the following themes: “Childhood Memories”, “Our World”, “The Environment” or on one a theme of their choice.

The important thing in this activity is that the partner students will work together in groups to write the poem. Students from Romania start writing the first stanzas of the poem and send it to their partners to develop it. ...