Electronic Music Teacher

Each School prepares music material for the other schools using innovation methods, special presentations, new music compositions, videos, telematic equipment,skype, helping other schools without music teacher to find useful material. Finally all the schools will work together by creating and presenting an electronic distance school orchestra - choir.  We will also use material from the eTwinning Music Library that we had already developted The music will be also in braille format for pupils with visually impairment and in special presentations for pupils with diffused developmental disorder (using TEAECH and IRLEN methods )


How the electronic orchestra works

Posted by: Theodor Tsampatzidis

Music School of Thessaloniki and Zappeio School has given a concert in Istanbul 

The other schools have to: 

  1. Watch the video
  2. Download the mp3 file with the score Ximeroni-It is raising
  3. Download the music score from the song Ximerini-It is raising
  4. Decide and complete the text,  which music instument you can add 
  5. Use headphones and make a parallel recording with an instrument with your school (Livia can use percussions or flutes, Helit can play sazi, ...)
  6. Upload your mp3 recording here
  7. Finally, we will make...

Ferrandina : Cribs' Award

Posted by: Livia Casamassima

Yesterday our crib won the 1st price (Schools' category) and the Visitors' Special Price. We sang during the ceremony and it was very moving.


Music Tales

Posted by: Theodor Tsampatzidis

Livia and Fr Theo propose you to work on this tale:


Some fishermen found a mermaid in...