Projects across Europe 2

Students will work on projects to discuss and agree topics of interest and to start to share ideas about EU Identity and Citizenship and surrounding themes. The results of the projects will be published in a variety of formats


Our " Project across Europe "

Posted by: Maria Fernanda Galamba

For me, and also for my students, it was a great privilege to work with the teachers and students from ISIS G. D'Annunzio, Italy and Commercial College ,,Virgil Madgearu'' , Romania.

Since this project was based on a variety of subjects, it has been easy to fit the project into the regular curriculum at school. Topics such as the environment, education, the way teenagers see themselves, advertising, cloning are topics which are often debated at school during ordinary classes and in subjects such as English, Biology, Philosophy, Portuguese. One of the classes involved had their class project based on "Sexual Education";school project which dealt with some of the above topics. While working on the project we have had the chance of exchanging opinions and comparing them with our partners' in a European dimension which has made all discussions in the classroom much more stimulating and real.

This is the second year my school has had etwinning projects. However, the thrill of belonging to such projects has been stimulated through exhibitions in the school library, articles in the school newspaper, through teachers meetings and also even in the development of class projects. The benefits from running a multi partners project, where everybody can participate and at the same time be responsible, serious and productive is welcomed and can also be easily implemented in my whole school and also in other schools.

The project can indeed be expanded and continued. This is an endless world of ideas and opinions, which our students are eager to express and exchange with their partners throughout Europe.