'Grover on tour'

Certainly everyone knows Grover - a nice furry character from Sesame Street. He visits different countries in the world and then tells children what he finds interesting about them. The point of this project is a toy of Grover who is sent from one preschool in project to another. In every country in each preschool children welcome Grover, play, take photos, tell him about country they live (some most important things) and of course their kindergarten. At the and a teacher makes a report from the visit on behalf of Grover and a toy is sent by post to another preschool in the project. Report is sent to each preschool participating in project, so at the end every preschool has a set of reports (by Grover) about countries which are in project. This project bases on partnership of many partners making something like a chain, and giving others information about many countries and preschool children living there.


Grover comes back his Polish home

Posted by: Bożena Chwała-Mazur
Picture  After 10 months of traveling Grover came back to Poland.
During this time he visited five European countries: Malta, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Turkey.
Grover gained many friends and he also brought some nice souvenirs. Does not he look cute

It is so good to have him back, but in October he is going to continue his tour and meet some more friends among children in Europe.