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Pek, the Traveller Flea 2

Pek, our tiny flea, gets his eTwinning backpack for the second time, ready to visit more countries this year.
Our students will give him life in a comic, sharing his curiosity to learn more about places and languages in Europe.
Creativity and learning in a funny way, is our guide in this project, where collaboration will finally lead to a real comic magazine, Pek 2.


The so long-awaited envelope ...

Posted by: Muriele Dejaune


finally arrived yesterday and the comicmagazine is real and splendid.

Let's retrace its history:

My 11 students were not difficult to beconvinced when I talked to them about participating in Pek'sadventures last September.

A fantastic adventure for Pek and forus.

The story took birth after long andvivid exchanges between my pupils and finally we all agreed on onescenario and we could start to write the story in French and then inEnglish.

Then, the script written, they had toput it into images. That part was realised during their art lessonswith my colleague the art teacher. So they could get used to“Gimp”.

Activities in this project werenumerous and varied. Everyone found a task to do : translations,taking photos, writings, drawings, using dictionnaries, taking partin the cover contest, voting, finding onomatopoeias,...

They realised that English has become areal means of communication.

My pupils took great pleasure incommunicating with their European counterparts in the pupil's cornerthanks to the twinspace. They learnt more about European youth 'spreocupations, musics, hobbies, cities and now they can situate on amap the different countries of our project!!!

The more the time was flying the moremy students were eager to discover the final product. You should haveseen their faces when they saw for the first time our story incolour, everyone was stunned and then excited to discover it in manydifferent languages.

For the time being, they haven't seenyet the comic magazine because they are on a training period but atthe end of the month, when they come back, I can imagine theirhappiness and their pride to see such an amazing and brilliant bookin a place of honour in our school library where everyone else canadmire and wonder admiringly at our comic magazine.

Thanks you to Marcos for its geniusidea and to all the partners who took part in this marvellousadventure and we are ready for a new one next year!


Muriele Dejaune