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Pek, the Traveller Flea 2

Pek, our tiny flea, gets his eTwinning backpack for the second time, ready to visit more countries this year.
Our students will give him life in a comic, sharing his curiosity to learn more about places and languages in Europe.
Creativity and learning in a funny way, is our guide in this project, where collaboration will finally lead to a real comic magazine, Pek 2.


a flashback in our Pek's year

Posted by: Maria Sourgiadaki


I'm sitting in my office, having in front of me the newly opened envelop arrived from Spain. I'm overwhelmed by the emotions that its content generated not only to me but to my colleagues and students that saw it as well. Despoina, the English teacher that collaborated with me in this project was thrilled with the final result. My students couldn't believe in their eyes and my colleagues were surprised of what an etwinning project can achieve.

The newly published Pek 2 comic book is in our hands; real, colorful with the unique smell of etwinning collaboration and my mind is drifting back to the days we were working on this project, endless hours of collaboration and joy. What to talk about Marcos' unique ability to control and organize My partners' wonderful will to collaborate? The students amazing creativity? Now, that the project is finished I miss all that "humming and buzzing" of our twinspace.

I like that each school has worked in Pek's project integrating it into the school's lessons in a different way, but all of us finally managed to complete the tasks and fulfill the aims of it. For my school, this project was the chance to work in English with the more advanced students, separating them from their English class and meeting in the school library for the project activities. The teacher of English language was following their progress and evaluated their contribution. The students were happy to use English for a creative, real and interactive way. 

I want to thank Marcos for what he dreamt and managed to make real. I want to thank all my partners for the way we overcame all difficulties of such a complicated collaboration. I want to thank the students for the pieces of their soul that they gave in this project through their creative participation and I'm sure that they did it with joy.

Now, the comic book of Pek 2 lays on the school library table and attracts students and teachers as a magnet. It's the etwinning magic, that I adore!