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Pek, the Traveller Flea 2

Pek, our tiny flea, gets his eTwinning backpack for the second time, ready to visit more countries this year.
Our students will give him life in a comic, sharing his curiosity to learn more about places and languages in Europe.
Creativity and learning in a funny way, is our guide in this project, where collaboration will finally lead to a real comic magazine, Pek 2.


Project evaluation

Posted by: Ludmila Kosíková

It was a great opportunity how to share new information about places and languages in Europe. My students especially  appreciated learning foreign language in a funny way. The collaboration of all teams was on a high level and now we  can enjoy our real comic magazine, Pek 2.


My students just followed my instructions. They were done by Marcos and they were easy to follow them – step  by step. The topic was based on a flea that arrived in a town where the school was and something funny happened to him. Then the pages of each school were coloured and translated by school members into all the native languages. Our Czech team consisted of three scriptwriters, one cartoonist and nine translators. 


We were glad to be one of several European schools who published a comic in all their languages. Students who worked in this project learned how to create stories and how to convert them into comics. Some of them are quick learners and have shown the ability to digest large volumes of information. They also helped each other with the translation of the texts. The students gained experience of ICT, because most work was done in the school computer lab.


I think this project was both innovative and creative. It was a very good way making students communicate in English and the fact that they worked together creatively. The teachers distributed materials, shared photos, as well as experience and knowledge. Our partnership was excellent. Our students worked hard and enjoyed the project. And me It was a great chance for me to meet Marcos and Maria in real in Budapest.