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Pek, the Traveller Flea 2

Pek, our tiny flea, gets his eTwinning backpack for the second time, ready to visit more countries this year.
Our students will give him life in a comic, sharing his curiosity to learn more about places and languages in Europe.
Creativity and learning in a funny way, is our guide in this project, where collaboration will finally lead to a real comic magazine, Pek 2.


Project evaluation

Posted by: Alessandra Pallavicini


The project has been for us a great opportunity to enrich our knowledge of other European countries and to improve English. In addition, it has also shown us that working in a team is not always that easy and how important good communication is.

Personally I had already used comics in my everyday teaching activity but never in a collaborative way: creating a story within a context has added great value to the work itself and, for the students, the idea of being part of a bigger story has been really motivating.

The use of ICT has been helpful not only for communication but also because the kids have learnt how to use the different tools in a correct and safe way. They may be digital natives but they still need to be guided somehow and understand the differences in the use of a blog or a forum, for instance.

Another important aspect of the project is, on one side, the fact that it has been easy to fit it into the curriculum and on the other the fact that it has given us the possibility to work on a variety of subjects, such as the use of foreign languages, new technologies, history and geography.

The information we exchanged through the comics covers a wide range of issues like tradition, culture, celebrations, history and political system, geography and historical monuments. Looking for more details about such issues has helped us a lot to understand, respect and get in touch with each other.

I must also say I'm really amazed at our students’ imagination,sensitivity and productivity!

Finally I can't describe the students' joy when they saw the comic book! We might live in a digital era but how fascinating is paper and the possibility of touching and browsing a real book!