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Pek, the Traveller Flea 2

Pek, our tiny flea, gets his eTwinning backpack for the second time, ready to visit more countries this year.
Our students will give him life in a comic, sharing his curiosity to learn more about places and languages in Europe.
Creativity and learning in a funny way, is our guide in this project, where collaboration will finally lead to a real comic magazine, Pek 2.


silent but busy!

Posted by: Maria Sourgiadaki

How many days have gone since the first blog-entry was posted here, in Pek's diary

A lot...

But they were not silent days! If you could enter the twinspace you could hear the humming af a bee-hive! Teachers and students, posting, uploading, chatting, communicating!

So far,

  • we have developed the comic drawings
  • we have started translations of the comic dialogues to all languages of the project
  • painting teams have started coloring the  comic pages
  • students are developing their forum, getting to know each other and exchanging ideas
  • chatting sessions have taken place and are scheduled in weekly basis
  • informative materials (photos, videos, forum discussions) about the cities have been posted



Who does What

Posted by: Marcos Vence Ruibal

This post describes who worked in each comic page and the role played by each one.




Scriptwriter: Adrián Pérez Arnoso
Strip cartoonist: Ezequiel Martín Campo Penedo


EN: Francisco Javier Louro González, Javier Arza Fernández
FR: Merveille Loufoua Pombo
GL: Guión de Adrián Pérez Arnoso
EL: Konstantinos Orfanakis
IT: Lidia Pupovac
PL: Maciej Grochowski
TR: Gökhan Yetiş
PT: Bruno Roxo
HU: Bakonyi Zoltán, Kaposi Botond
BG: Yoana Yordanova
CS: Diana Benkovičová, Vendula Helešicová
RO: Mihaela Petcuta
ES: Cristina Alesón


Alexander Guest
Javier Casal Pérez




Scriptwriter: Elisa Villoslada
Strip cartoonist: Laura Sánchez


FR: Cristina Alesón
EN: Cristina Alesón, Javier...


Main activity: Steps

Posted by: Marcos Vence Ruibal

Script concept

Let me introduce to you Pek! He is a restless flea, seeking for adventures, searching for new places to visit. It’s not just out of curiosity, but he strongly believes that the more he learns about the world and its magnificent diversity of people, the more people will follow his example. Hmmm… and what’s special about him, to follow him …listen to a little secret. Pek is not just a flea… he is the imaginative part of our mind that wants to travel and meet Europe!

This year, Pek moved to a new “house”. He is living on...



Posted by: Marcos Vence Ruibal

Pek, the Traveller Flea, is an eTwinning project (which is part of Comenius, the EU program for school learning).

The final result is a comic made among several European schools, published in all their languages, in PDF, web and paper.


The comic magazine #2 is made by teachers and students from:

☼ IES San Clemente, Santiago de...