In our project SCOPE, pupils from 6 European countries will engage in collaborative learning experiences. Through different activities, workshops, video conferences, camps, common blog/website, pupils will build friendships, investigate and learn about their daily lives and about others in other regions of Europe. Through understanding the past, they will open their minds and hearts to others and create new shared spaces for the present and the future dialogs. The main focus is on the hands on activities, interactions with other children and discovering our living environment. These experiences will be published in our joint website, which will be our main way of sharing information. Pupils will use digital technology and multi media to capture photography and reflections, of both drawings and thoughts/ ideas then use them as a tools to scope, compare different lifestyles, document their investigations, events and even personal experiences. Photography will be our main art form to carry specific messages and explore both different and common features of the participating countries.


1st Project Meeting

Posted by: Yany Smits

Our first SCOPE meeting is scheduled from 25th to 29th of October 2010.