Mon Europe/ my Europe

Echanger sur ce que nous avons en commun en Europe pour réfléchir sur l'identité européenne et se l'approprier. Confronter nos points de vue sur ce que nous souhaitons pour le futur. E-twinning exchanges about european citizenship and european identity, between four Junior high schools classes (with 26 pupils each).Languages of communication English and French.


Our visit in European Regional Office

Posted by: Katarzyna Kwiatek-Grabarska

In this school year our class III e took part in the special lesson organized by the Regional Centre of European Information. in Katowice. In the first part we got to know more about the history and the institutions of the European Union and about cultural heritage of its members. In the second part we had a workshop in groups. We had to work on the advantages and disadvantages of being               a member of the Union for five years.  We tried to answer the question what we could give to the other members and we could...