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Echanger sur ce que nous avons en commun en Europe pour réfléchir sur l'identité européenne et se l'approprier. Confronter nos points de vue sur ce que nous souhaitons pour le futur. E-twinning exchanges about european citizenship and european identity, between four Junior high schools classes (with 26 pupils each).Languages of communication English and French.


Our school number 7 in Opole

Posted by: Beata Czyszczoń

Our school is located in the centre of Opole. We have about 600 students at the age of 13-16. Our school consists of two buildings. It is one of the best in our city. We can study English, French and German. The school is named after general Anders. He was the leader of Polish army in the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy.

We've got many extra classes for example: maths, sport, art, school tv( ) and school magazine "Kleks".

We've got many discos and school festivals.

Our school website is: