Mon Europe/ my Europe

Echanger sur ce que nous avons en commun en Europe pour réfléchir sur l'identité européenne et se l'approprier. Confronter nos points de vue sur ce que nous souhaitons pour le futur. E-twinning exchanges about european citizenship and european identity, between four Junior high schools classes (with 26 pupils each).Languages of communication English and French.


Junior School nr 2, Zabrze, Poland

Posted by: Katarzyna Kwiatek-Grabarska

Our Junior School nr 2 is located in the center of Zabrze.
We have about 500 students enrolled and we are in one building
with High School nr 2 with another 500 students . This is the biggest
school in Zabrze. Our students can choose the foreign language they
prefer when they come to junior school but all the other subjects are the same for
In high school you have got all more choices : drama lessons, Italian
lessons etc.
Our students use different classrooms for different subjects. For IT
classes we have special labs with computers.


Our school. 1st Gymnasio N. Psychikou.


Our school is located in a small suburb of Athens, called Neo Psychiko. The first junior high school of New Psychiko was founded in 1963-64.

It's housed in a building which is near an athletic centre . We are a "Gymnasium" that means that we belong to the Lower Secondary Education System. Students' age is from 12 to 15 years old, boys and girls. Lower Secondary Education, Gymnasio, lasts three years and its grade is divided in classes. In our school there are specific classrooms for music, technology, computer science and chemistry lessons.

Our schools...