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Butterflies across Europe

Butterflies are beautiful and some fly great distances across Europe. In this project, children will create their own paper butterfly and write messages for children in the partner schools. The message will tell the children something about what the butterfly has seen. The children will receive butterflies from each of the partner schools. Finally one butterfly will travel to each of the partner schools and what it sees in each country will be recorded on the shared webspace through photographs. It's progress can be monitored throughout the life of the project.


Butterflies Migration

Posted by: Dave Sherratt

I hope that you are all enjoying being back at school and have some butterflies ready soon.

Can I suggest that we wait until 13th Sept to begin sending the butterflies as all the schools are not yet back

Can we send our butterflies between the 13th and 30th September ?

If you are a small school, then I suggest you send 2 or 3 butterflies. If you are very large you can send as many as you wish.

We will be putting our butterflies on a school display board to show everyone where they have come from.

If you would wish to, there is another group using an adaptation of this project, in which butterflies are sent to a single school in America. They will make a multi-media presentaion about all the countries involved and send that to participating schools. If you are interested in joining this group you can request details from Ilse Schwartz in Germany. Her address is

Best wishes,

Dave (Scotland)