The regional history of our countries.

While making the plan of the project I took into consideration the teaching programme and the content it includes. I was working together with the students and the teaching schedule. The main pedagogical aim of the project is to help students to understand and spread the information which concerns the region they live, to know its history, legends and natural virtues. The students’ task is to look for the places famous for its history, beautiful places connected with nature and places connected with art. Later, the students examine them, they draw up the trails and teach their partners about them. They also train their skills in the field of Information Technology, they speak a foreign language and the collect the information about their historic and cultural heritage.



Posted by: Halina Orman

On 2-9th May our school celebrated the Comenius Week. The students prepared an exhibition presenting information about Comenius and eTwinning and posters that had been prepared earlier by the students during IT lessons. The students could listen about the main ideas of Comenius Project on the school radio for three days during long breaks.Our school has been involved in an exchange project with an Italian school in Ponte Lambro for three years, that is why we prepared Italian Days during which students prepared a photo exhibition from our last visit in Italy, multimedia presentation, Italian Dishes Contest, and a football match. There was also a conversation via Skype between the teachers and students from both countries.

The Comenius Week was a great opportunity for students to learn more about different kinds of communication to use multimedia and foreign languages.