Fractali in Mathematics, Informatics, Art


Fractali in matematica

Posted by: Bechir Ghiulnar

Fractals -by MARIUS IVANUTA "Callatis" High School student and Ghiulnar Bechir teacher

A fractal is "a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be dividedinto parts so that each of them to be (at least approximately) areduced size copy of the whole." Term...


Fractali in Art

Posted by: Grozeanu Adela

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 Human's Destiny, by Ioana Olarasu

People never stop questioning themselves. Theirexistence itself lies under a question mark. Running for answers has become alifetime adventure with such an idealistic purpose, based on revealingsolutions: touching perfection.

Even if humans are as distinctly unique assnowflakes, each of them constantly craves for answers generating knowledge.Whether it is about life, love or science, posers keep rising. Imagine them asalmost unbreakable chains building up infinite intertwined spirals that form...