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from quinta D arenzano

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous

My name’s Elisabetta,

I’m ten,

I’m from Arenzano,

I’ve got brown and short hair and brown eyes.

I’m short and slim,

I like maths and Italian,

I don’t like geography and history.

I play volleyball and I play swimming.

I like pizza and pasta,

I don’t like yoghurt.

I’ve got a brother, his name’s Giorgio and he’s seven.

My mother’s name’s Deborah and she’s a secretary,

My father’s name’s Andrea and he’s a policeman.



My name is Beatrice

I’ve got one  sister

I’ve got brown hair and brown eyes,

I am tall and slim

I like Italian,

I like pizza

My favourite is colour blue

My favourite animal is horse



My name’s  Francesca Silvestrini.

I’m eleven years old .

I live in Arenzano near  Genova.

I  have  brown eyes and brown hair.

I’ m normal and tall.

I have got  one  brother  and a dog.

I like animals , chocolate , sport and music.

My  favourite animal  is  dog .

I  don’t  like geography and  cats.




My name’s Carlotta

I’m eleven years old

I live in Arenzano

I haven’t  got any brothers or sisters

I’ve got a dog

I’m normal and slim

I’ve got brown eyes and blond hair

I like history


Hi!!! My name’s Francesca


I’m ten years old. I live in Arenzano


I haven’t got any brothers or sisters. I’m tall and slim


I’ve got green eyes and brown hair


I like maths



Hello! My name’s Sara

I’m nine years old

I live in Arenzano

I haven’t got any brothers or sisters

I’m tall and robust

I’ve got long brown dark hair and brown eyes            

I like history