Flowers of Europe - Les Fleurs de L'Europe

Le 9 mai l’Europe entière célèbre sa fête. Le 5 mai eTwinning fête ses 5 ans. Et quand on fête quelqu’un on lui offre souvent des fleurs. La fête et les fleurs sont les mots clés de ce projet, lancé à l’occasion de la fête de l’Europe 2010. Les participants peuvent contribuer avec toute production concernant les fleurs. Toutes les langues et les dialectes, ainsi que tous les niveaux scolaires sont les bienvenues. On May 9th we celebrate Europe Day.On May 5th we celebrate the 5th anniversary of eTwinning. On anniversaries we often give people flowers. Celebration and flowers are the key words for this project, which is launched on the occasion of Europe day 2010 Participants can contribute with any kind of production connected with flowers. All languages and dialects, as well as all school levels, are welcome.


Goodbye ..for the moment

Posted by: Rita Del Favero


The school year is drawing to an end and so is our project.

We will leave it open until the end of August to give you the time of uploading all the work that you still wish to upload and make all the changes that you wish.

I still hope that some people will move their productions to the right place and that other will re-name their work so that we know where it comes from.

And I really would like to thank all the people to have actively contributed to this project and have made suggestions for a better future.

I personally have learned a lot and I am sure that our future projects will take advantage of this experience.

I wish you a deserved rest and a great summer