Different cultures under the same sky.

De leerlingen gaan op zoek naar verhalen, muziek, architectuur en andere uitingen van kunst andere culturen. Zij vergelijken kunst- en cultuuruitingen uit verschillende EU-landen met elkaar. Pupils are searching for stories, legends, folksongs, architecture, and other expressions of art. They compare culture and art expressions in different EU-countries.


Europe in numbers

Posted by: Huub Creemers

In our Comenius project "Under the same sky" which is more ore less somilar to our etwinning project, we have the item "Europe in numbers" as item for let's say September-October. For that reason I created a folder "Europe in numbers". Pupils of Primary School "De Weijerhof" realised a few nice PPT-presentations about some amazing European facts. They liked it very much and learned a lot: facts in Europe (EU), effective search on the internet, using Powerpoint as a skill for presentation.

Next item will be The European dance festival". Keep in touch, we will be back.

Best regards, Huub.