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Traditional Food

The main topic of the project “Traditional Food” is gastonomy, a topic which connects us in one way or another. Students, teachers and parents will work together to find out more about traditional dishes of their partners.


Deadlines of our project

Posted by: Diana Bratucu

1. The coordinating teachers will create the TwinSpace for the project "Traditional Food" - April 9, 2010

2. The coordinating teachers will invite students and teachers to TwinSpace - April 9, 2010

3. The coordinating teachers will present the project "Traditional Food" to the students and teachers.

The students will be taught to use TwinSpace. - April 23, 2010:

- The teachers and students will create their own profile.

- The teachers will use the "Staff room" to know each other and to communicate.

- The students will communicate with their partners using blogs from “Pupils Corner” and the chat on TwinSpace.

- The students will create a Wiki page in the "Who Am I" with personal information and photos (The name of  Childern page: RO-first name, TR-first name, UK-first name ...)

4. Each student will upload on TwinSpace, in the "Traditional recipes" section, a document with a traditional recipe (*.doc) using native language and English translating and a photo of that food. They will fit this document in the right folder. – April 30, 2010

5. The teachers and the students involved in the project will translate all the recipes in the native language and will make a small cookbook in English and in partners’ languages (writing and electronically form) – May 16, 2010

6. The students and  the teachers will distribute cookbook to their parents, teachers, to others colleagues, to representatives of the local community and will ask them to give it a score of 1 to 10. – May 21, 2010

7.  The students and the parents will prepare a traditional food selected from recipes posted . They will take pictures and post them in the "I like your food." Picture post will be called like food prepared score obtained. – June 4, 2010

Evaluate food prepared as follows:

- Taste: 1-50 points

- Appearance: 1-20 points

- Time required: 1-10 points

- Price: 1-10 points

- Difficulty: 1-10 points

8. An exhibition of traditional food will be made of each partner school. Dishes will be tasted by the visitors who will vote for the tastiest. The students which made the most delicious dishes will be awarded – June 7-8, 2010

9. In the end it will make the TOP 10 FOOD: the delicious, handsome, quick, cheap, simple food. – June 12, 2010