The traditions and celebrations of my school

The point of the Project is to show the traditions and habits of a school, a country and a region which are taken care of in schools. Everything will be presented using modern ways of communication.



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Cayırova which is one of the towns of kocaeli, is placed in the north west of the Izmit Bay. Kocaeli(Izmit) is one of the big industrial cities of Turkey. It has many towns which are: Izmit, Gebze, Golcuk, Kandıra, Karamursel, Korfez, Derince, Darıca, Cayırova, Bayramoglu. One of them Cayırova, is a new town which was a part of Gebze in the past. The town is named Çayırova because of the Sultan Grassland: which is in the territary of Gebze. The Sultan Grassland is the area where the Conqueror Mehmet who is the conqueror of Istanbul stoped over in some time before he went to wars.

The city, Kocaeli has many historical and touristical places. It has coast also as well ast the Sea of  Marmara and Blacksea.