A great friendship blooms

Project involves kindergartens from Greece (Iraklio-Athens) and Poland (Kraczkowa-Podkarpackie). Children from these countries present themselves through photos, films and drawings. They illustrate their kindergarten, make themselves photos during their kindergarten activities, present their national symbols, and present dances and songs from their country. Then participating kindergartens exchange prepared photos, drawings and videos. After initial familiarisation we choose well known fairy tale, then we illustrate it and publish prepared materials on project TwinSpace.



Posted by: Mary Fournari

Dear friends from now on, we start a collaboration between us, a Polish and a Hellenic Kindergarten.
Good luck and succes!

The school’s Director of the Hellenic Kindergarten Maria Kordera  and her group (12 children) are participating in this project.
I am Mary Fournari, one of the teachers, but this school year I am in educational leave to study for a master degree in “e-learning”. My role in this project is to support teachers and students in technical issues (ICT use) and as well in the whole implementation of the project (e.g. scheduling and implementing activities, programming in...