Many teachers and students are interested in robotics. They work or would like to work with different kind of robots. This project will allow them to share their ideas with people from other European countries. Our pupils are often very keen on building and programming robots and through these activities they can explore other subjects like electronics, physics, mathematics… By communicating with other partners, students will also improve their skills in foreign languages and in ICT.


Comenius ist waiting for us

Posted by: Alfons Birner

Due to the productiv cooperation beetween Barbara (France), Mario (Malta) and Alfons (Berlin) a plan was born beetween these three partners: We want to start a Comenius-Project: "Robotic and Europe" could be in the moment the "working-title" of the project. The national agencies already have approved a preparation visit in Malta. During this visit we will develop and form our ideas of the international cooperation: For me it is very important to free robotics from the "technical freak-image". Tournaments like line-following, maze or sumo are only for "algorithmic-thinkers" and do not motivate pupils who think more global.

Gender-Aspects are very imortant...