Learning And Improving English By Means Of New Technology, Using The Internet Facilities

Hi, My name is Mihaela Meterna, I am an English teacher at National College” Radu Negru” from Fagaras, Romania, and I invite you and your students to open a cooperation with my students by writing emails to one each other and maybe to be part in school projects on different subjects interested for both sides; using video conferences for the projects, power point presentations and creating a common blog; all these using and improving a foreign language, English -- a bridge for people all over the world --. My students are aged between 15-19 and they are eager to make friends all over Europe and to find out more information about the historical and cultural background of students of their age all over the world; and why not to open challenges on different subjects like history, science, foreign language and so on. I work on my paper for the first degree in teaching, ( the higher one) here in Romania and my theme is:” Teaching English By Means Of New Technology, Especially By Using The Internet “: emails, online video conferences, a common blog, and so on. I intend to show that using the latest technology for communicating does not mean only short cuts or bad writing in order to be a quicker interlocutor. Standard English has to be used according to the language register as we can speak about vertical register, horizontal register, slang, etc and we should all—teachers and students-- be aware of how and when do we use it. We should make the difference of the language we use depending on the situation we are in , a friendly or a formal one__ online interviews, formal letters, cover letters, résumés and so on.__ or the person to whom we are addressing to__ a very good friend, people from the same job category, or a person with a higher position__ for if we respect ourselves and the people around us, and we will be respected , too.



Posted by: Mihaela Meterna

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