"We are all diferent but same"

"We are all diferent but same"- is a project that proposes to promote diversity and eqality, identities and citizenship, having as one of the final products a cultural guide printed in many languages,containing different sections for each country like: literature ( legends, myths, and poems ) local folk music, food, traditions and customs, arts, handicraft, archaeological sites and historical places, religious diversity, tourism. Every partner will collect materials and information and photos and write about these fields in native language and in English and create a presentation. Every one will share it between and transferring them to the coordinator.The book will also contain a CD with presentations ( or DVD) for each part .With this project we want to promote an active citizenship.


welcome to everyone

Posted by: Vanco Atanasovski

I'm glad to welcome you and hope we'll cooperate to get to our aim in this project - to share our differences between, because on that way we can get closer to each other and see how similar we are.