Let's Learn, Play and Share

Teaching in the primary classroom does not have to be something serious. All normal children love playing. Teachers should therefore use their natural energies and let them absorb the knowledge without conscious learning.


Contacting partners

Posted by: Maria Pina Magliocca

This morning students in Londa have chosen their partners from the Twinspace members and they have sent mails to them. Some of them have learnt how to write and send an e-mail, all of them practised English. After that they asked how use the chat room in the Pupils corner and the coordinator of the project showed that and explained that to have a chat with people abroad must write them a mail to book a chatroom. They have been very excited and they said that it's a funny way to speak English and meet people.

Now I'll wait to see for...


New Activities

Posted by: Maria Pina Magliocca

Hello to everyone.....This year the project is going slowly because of the change of teachers in Londa school. As coordinator of the project I did some meeting with new colleagues to explain and show how they can use the new e-twinning space and the way of work in e-twinning. The teacher of French is looking for a partner to join to the project.

Tomorrow morning I'll have a lesson on e-twinning twinspace with students so they are going to be able to work in the site and they'll start to upload materials. I'll take photos of them at work...

Bye from the...


The cooperation goes on....

Posted by: Maria Pina Magliocca

Londa and Przecieszyn improve their cooperation.

Since 2005 students and teachers  from Londa and Przecieszyn have worked on different topics in e-twinning. Their cooperation inspired respective Mayors to subscribe a twinning of towns.

To obtain better results in cooperation between citizens of two countries, Commune of Londa organized a working group for

 " The European Projects " composed by three members named among assessors of the municipality and the e-twinning coordinator to work on the future actions of the cooperation, not only with school but also with the Association of the place.

They had meetings before the visits of...