Europe in our hands

we want create a common European fairy-tale and represent it on stage



Posted by: Uta Gesenhues

The following meetings are already planned:

1. Meeting in Turkey:                             13. - 20.October 2010

    Participants:          Headmasters and staff of Primary Schools from Germany/Hille, Spain,

                                Romania, Turkey

    Tasks:                  Creating eTwinning tools for students of Primary schools: Blogging,


                                Preparing structure of writing an European fairytale altogether in Bulgaria

                                Exchange, of working with minorities at high risk of social exclusion


2. Meeting in Germany/Osnabrück:       27. - 30. October 2010

    Participants:          Headmasters, staff and students of Secondary Schools from Poland,

                               Greece, Bulgaria, Germany/Osnabrück

    Tasks:                  Building website to start the COMENIUS magazine about everyday   

                                school life, students`interest, hobbies, problems at school, leisure


3. Meeting in Bulgaria:                        24. - 27. November 2010

    Participants:          Staff and students from all partnerschools

    Tasks:                  Exchange of presentations of fairytales; writing a common European

                               fairytale building up selfconfidence


4. Meeting in Poland:                            07. - 13. February 2011

    Participants:           Staff and students from Poland and Germany/Osnabrück

    Task:                     Translation of the common European fairytale into sign language


5.  Meeting in Greece, Athens:             14. - 18. or 21. - 25. March 2011

    Participants:            Staff only

    Task:                     Learning circus technics and perform a show together for students in