Europe in our hands

we want create a common European fairy-tale and represent it on stage


1. August 2010 Start of our COMENIUS Project "Europe is our hands"

Posted by: Uta Gesenhues

What a success!!!! We are allowed to start  with all 8 partnerschools who applied for the participation.

German schools have started in August, that´s why we could already apply for the money for the mobilities. We got 80% of the whole sum, the account balance will be paid after revision of the Final Report.

Some partnerschools like Greece and Turkey are going to start not until the 20th of September. And just these schools had a changement of contactpersons. Ibrahim from Turkey and Eleni from Greece left their schools and won´t  be responsable for the project. Murat Dogan will be our next contactperson in Turkey, a German language teacher in Greece will be the contactperson there. Until yet, I don´t know her name.

I tried to organise all appointments very early, because flights are cheeper, if you can book some months before the trip. I´m still waiting for answers from Poland, Rumania, Greece, Spain.