Let's create a city guide

Project will help the students to find out something more about their town. Ss will find out simmilarities and differences in their enviroment and their partner's. Ss will have to create an interesting picture of the place they live.


Our project

Posted by: Anna Kotowska

Dear partners


I'm happy we started our project.

You should know that the aim of it is to advertise your town or village you live in.

Your students should show people that their city exists somewhere and it is the most beautiful and worth seeing.

If you have any questions please write it or in the twinblog or in the right top corner there is a public mms so that we can answer the questions and sometimes if you have the same problems you will find the solution to it without writing.

We should treat our twinspace as a place where we collect all the materials, because the final product of our partnership will be publication of the webpage with our work.