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Jewsh music in Slovakia

Posted by: Zuzana Mészárosová

Slovak students had a workshop where they were listening to the Jewish music and discussing the themes of Jewish music.We have learnt that - 

Jewish music is very melodic and pleasant to listen. In Slovakia there are some singers who sing this kind of music, one of the greatest singers is Ervín Schonhauser.

The leading representative of ethno / world music genre and at the same time the first Klezmer band in Slovakia. Pressburger Klezmer Band was created in 1995. Since then we have regularly performed live in Europe and Slovakia. The variety of performances is also reflected in the difference of venues in which we have played from Classical concerts to open air festivals. As indicated in the band´s name, the source of its musical inspiration is klezmer (this is folk music of Eastern European Jews) enriched by our own interpretations, original arrangements and is combined with other styles as well. In this way it is possible to feel not just „pure“ klezmer, but also elements of jazz, reggae, latino, Slovak, Roma and Balkan folk with an Oriental touch. To sum up music of the band it is emotive and dance music.