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Bridges through History with Maths

The Partnership, which is based on cultural interaction and exchange, aims to build up a common ground for friendship and tolerance with the help of great mathematicians of all ages: their contribution to mankind will be studied and emphasised. The historical and scientific data will enhance the performance in Maths and will strengthen the idea that culture is not divided into separate branches. Maths is a global language and offers our students the chance to study deeper, to learn better great Mathematicians of all ages and nationalities, to share their knowledge with other students, to improve their English, to communicate and co-operate with other European pupils and practice their ICT knowledge: all this through an interdisciplinary approach. Partners will work together in the workshops and via the Internet, will share their experiences and will teach each other. Pupils’ co-operation will be the most important part of the partnership as this will enable them to see that differences are not drawbacks but enriching opportunities.


Students Presentations

Posted by: Enrica Maragliano

After some months of work, it seems that many presentations are ready and some of them are really good!

It's a pity that students couldn't work in international groups but surely we could achieve this goal next year if the Comenius project will be approved.

The contacts using the chat were frequent at the beginning but students needed to be helped in order to discuss and many discussions were fixed at the same time (for problems also caused...