Culture and traditions in our countries - similar or different

The main idea of this project is students to learn about culture and traditions of their country who are heritage and inexhaustible treasures of every nation, to acquire knowledge about the traditions of celebrating some customs and rites. Different or similar cultures, different or similar customs and very different or similar traditions. The traditional holiday calendar of every country is varied. There are many holidays characterized by the rich and many rituals.



Posted by: Sandra Malczyk
Hi! My name is Magda and I'm fourteen yars old.I’m Polish and I live in Mikołów.
I'm tall and I've got brown long hair and brown eyes. I've got a one brother .
I like reading  books and watching a good film .I like animals and I've got 3 cats .
I love listening to music . My favourite grups are Pantera,Katatonia,Slayer,Hunter,Dimmu borgir and
Behemoth. I learning play to gitar . My favourite Gitarist is Dimebag Darrell .
I like sport very much . I ride a bicycle, run and play to basketball .