Culture and traditions in our countries - similar or different

The main idea of this project is students to learn about culture and traditions of their country who are heritage and inexhaustible treasures of every nation, to acquire knowledge about the traditions of celebrating some customs and rites. Different or similar cultures, different or similar customs and very different or similar traditions. The traditional holiday calendar of every country is varied. There are many holidays characterized by the rich and many rituals.



Posted by: Sandra Malczyk
Hi , my name is Karolina. I ‘m fourteen years old and I was born on 24 of
September. I have straight , dark blond hair and blue eyes. I ‘m 166cm
tall. You can see me in the photo .My favourite music is jazz and rock.
I listen James Morrison, Jason Mraz , Reamonn , James Blunt , but a like
gun’s and rose’s , iron maiden , too. In school I’ m into
geography, history , biology and foreign languages . I have dog- Scooby ,
cat- Didla and brother – Robert ( 11 years old) . I love animals and my
brother ,too ;p.I going on after-school lessons like : capoeira, drama and
swimming lessons.I learning play on the guitar. In free time I fond of