Fairydusted Tales

Fairytales speak the language of children, so it is the best way to stimulate students’ interest and involve them in the educational process. Through this project the students from Greece, the Czech Republic, France and Romania will collect traditional fairytales from their places, learn the basic elements of fairytales and, finally, write their own. These fairytales will be illustrated and decorated with the children’s own drawings and all this material will be included in a book under the title “Fairydusted Tales”. Moreover, students can use these fairytales to make their own videos, dramatise them, perfom puppet plays based on them or make them into e-books. All this material produced through this project will be uploaded on the school’s website, on a special place designed for the project.


All good things come to an end...

Posted by: Paraskevi Belogia

All good things have to end and it's time for all of us to return from our journey to Fairyland.  It was something that we will never forget, something that filled our lives with happy, creative and special moments.  We will always remeber each other and we hope that we will be able to meet  soon:)

Have a nice holiday all of you, and always remember that the entrance to the most enchanting and beautiful places is through our imagination...

Best Wishes to all eTwinners and co-travellers:)