The project is for children - pupils at age of 6-14. The main aim of the project is to know about cultural diversity –to communicate and share events, to tell about school traditions, how to celebrate special occasions-example- School Day,Spring Day,Easter etc. We wanted them to be tolerant and be more skillfull in using IT.


Students from Slovakia in our school!!!

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Peter, Danka, Taras, Zoszka, Matusz were in our school, because they were taking 
part in a project "Leonardo da Vinci". They had practices in Areva, a big company in Mikołów, Poland. 
They are 19 years old. They attend  Stredua Priemyselwa Skola Elektrotechniczka, Kosice. They're living in dormitory in different school inOrnontowice.
They were here 3 weeks from 13 April to 6 May.
They have different hobbies:
-Peter likes computers
-Danka is interested in tourism
-Zoszka loves art
-Matusz is keen on boxing
-Taras likes  sking