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Inventors of the Light

We want to celebrate The International Year of Creation and Innovation in a project entitled “Inventors of the Light”. We intend to stimulate children’s imagination and offer them the possibility of revealing their scientific and especially artistic skills. We think that LIGHT is a very generous theme. We can establish as topics the great inventors (or “inventors”) of light: gods (God, Zeus, Apollo), stars, animals and insects (the fly light, for instance), prehistoric man, modern scientists (Edison), artists whose works are somehow connected to the idea of light. On each topic, our students may use in order to express their ideas and feelings paintings, graphics, original or translated poems, simple scientific references, short plays, short movies or anything else. By doing all these, they will enforce their abilities in IT. Art on the computer is one of their choices. This project is supposed to offer the spectacle of student’s intelligence, sensitivity and creativity.


We can start the project!

Posted by: Anca Vieriu

Hello again from Suceava, Romania!

Dear friends,

I think we can start the project. I have written at Home your names, your schools and your countries. (My appologies to our Turkish and Polish partners; I couldn't write the names correctly, as I don't have the propper letters. You can write them again). I also inserted folders in the space of my school. You can do the same. It is not compulsory to be the same folders. You may choose the topics you like, add, replace or rename some, if you please. If anyone has any problems and thinks I can be of any help, here I am!

I thought we may use this blog to announce our partners what is the news on the twinspace. In this way, we won't have to look all over, but only in the indicated places.

For instance, I'd like you to look in the folders "Light..." and "Artists". We have transphered from You tube two short movies, Seeds of Light and Shapes oh light and sounds. Enjoy!

And, because Easter is coming,

Happy Easter to you all!

Health and happiness! :)