Learn the world of professions

Students have to develop a career path for rear but interesting professions, according to information given by the teacher, available on the Internet. Rules of the project: 1. The competition is open to all the students of partnership schools 2. The main objective is to learn about the world of professions, in particular, to present new and little known professions. 3. The task is to identify the jobs , which might not be widely known , but still are interesting and worth of attention. 4. The information to be collected by the participants are: - the nature of the job - the necessary qualifications for the job - education needed for the job - kinds of schools which offer preparation for doing the job - workplace Publication of the work / presentations Power Point, including movies and images / are to be published on the website.


First virtual meeting

Posted by: Maria Mendela
23.03.2009 - 29.03.2009 - First virtual meeting with the European partner of the project , getting to know them, exchanging of e-mails, contact details, photos.