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‘Helping Hands’ will engage our young learners in practical citizenship activities to promote empathy for others less fortunate than them. Each partner class will engage in joint actions to create practical support for improving the circumstance of disadvantaged groups. The recipient groups or charity will be identified by the learners and presentations made followed by an electronic vote across the partner schools. The young learners will be encouraged to develop a variety of approaches related to their local circumstances including help in kind as well as fund raising activities.


Nursery P6 Buddies Red Nose Cakes

Posted by: George Glass

With an active citizenship focus, an enterprise activity, early maths weighing and counting session, health and hygene element, involving peer to peer teamwork this event was very successful. The educational outcomes were achieved while all the children had fun and produced a product which contributed to the whole school event of raising funds to support the charity Comic Relief. To view the activity click on this link. 'Cakes'