Presentation of Romania

We are presenting Romania on a square of our home town on a day of Europe and we need as many information as possible about the selected country. Our presentation will include a typical Romanian hand-made product made by children, a Romanian folk song and a typical dance. We would be very happy to receive various ideas about all those things. We imagine this cooperation to consist of three separate stages: 1. children sing and dance a typical simple Romanian song, which you record and send the video to us by e-mail (we also need the lyrics of the song) - we need this song and dance because we would like our children to learn it 2. you choose some typical Romanian product which represents your country (for example: Transylvanian castle, Dracula – but please not these ones) and you send us photos - we need this to make a model of this product with our children 3. you send us (by e-mail) different information about your country: power point presentations, videos, recipes of typical dishes, Romanian symbols… It would be very nice if you could send this material within two weeks, because we need to end this project at the end of April. Of course we will send to every participating school videos and photos of our activities connected with this project and our presentation of your country on the day of Europe (9th May) in the centre of our town. Thank you again and best regards from Slovenia. Contact person for this project is: Lucija Štamulak e-mail:


Târgovişte, România

Posted by: Dojana Ionela

 Targoviste is a very beautiful cyti whit many monuments, museum, cultural visitors.



Posted by: ADRIANA Timofte

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