Polyglottal Perspectives on the Book

In this day and age of multi-media consumption and virtual communication the interest in the book as a traditional free time companion is not necessarily self-evident, may even dwindle. Many young people are fascinated by the vast variety of visual stimuli computer screens offer, are mesmerized by the choice of virtual games and activities. In this contest with other multi-textual media books easily lose their appeal for young readers. Yet since they provide food for thought and actively stimulate the reader’s imagination, their consumption can be as rewarding. This project aims at a rediscovery of reading books. Pupils are asked to share their experiences with books, voice their attitude towards reading books, consider the book as a commercial product, enter a creative dialogue with books, invent activities in connection with the book, establish a reading partnership and, finally, evaluate their project work.


Better safe than sorry!

Posted by: Beate Vollmer

Dear etwins,


since technology can be quite a challenge, we advise you to keep a copy of each individual contribution you have made to the twinspace OUTSIDE the twinspace confines. Just in case!

This strategy may liberate you from nightmares. This is an expert speaking! :))