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Why "European Citizens" ?

Posted by: Maddalena Della Casa


14 teachers of my school will attend, from September to December 2008, the course "Cittadini del Mondo"; the course is financed by E.C. and belongs to the PON 2007/2013 -FSE Action B-7 . Its aim is to amplify and improve teachers' knowledge of the English language.At the end of the course, teachers will be required to propose or to start a project in Etwinning on every subject they like.

The project "European Citizens" answers to the necessity to create a stimulating and real situation of communication in English, for adults learning a foreign language.

Attending the course, teachers will improve their English so they will have access to the project;for the first times, they will enter Forum, Chat,Mail; then every teacher or group of teachers will propose or organize new projects with the partners.

The first step will be teachers' registration as members, so they can load their first personal information, propose items of discussion, send mails;at the end of the course, teachers will register themselves on the page of the school and will be ready to start or propose new projects.

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