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Poland - Andrews

Posted by: Teresa Prokowska

PictureSt. Andrew's Day is the feast day of Saint Andrew. It is celebrated on 30 November. In Poland the feast day is celebrated as Andrzejki ("Andrews"),  in Austria with the custom of Andreasgebet ("St. Andrew's Prayer"), and in Germany as Andreasnacht ("St. Andrew's Night").

In Poland superstitious belief exists that the night before St. Andrew's Day is specially suitable for magic that reveals a young woman's future husband or that binds a future husband to her. Many related customs exist: for example, the pouring of hot lead into water (in Poland, one usually pours hot wax from a candle through a key hole into cold water), divining the future husband's profession from the shape of the resulting piece.

In Poland, some women put pieces of paper (on which they have written potential husbands) under the pillow and first thing in the morning they take one out, which allegedly reveals their future husband

And as for you this holiday is celebrated?

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