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Posted by: Josephine Ebejer Grech

Today is the 9th October, and I think that we are doing well.  Yesterday I had a meeting with Malta's NSS and she taught me how to use the twinspace better. 

Till now we introduced our school and ourselves.  The Italian group also introduced their city that is a very nice one indeed.  We enjoyed watching your video clip.

Malta described our first two experiments of topic "Acids and Alkalis" but I found a problem.  First I uploaded them on Youtube and then embedded them on the twinspace but I realised that like this students can copy the video clip and put it on facebook.  I don't want that (data protection).  So I deleted the video clips from youtube.  Now I will try to upload them on something else perhaps vimeo or teacher tube.

I will also invite the students in the twinspace.

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