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Congratulations and Thanks

Posted by: Teodora Popescu

I would like to congratulate  you, both teachers and students,  for your wonderful activities  from this project. You all inspired us very much . Thank you!

Our students saw  your presentations of volunteer activities, and also their activities online and they were very impressed. In this way they were motivated to be involved in many other volunteer activities.

Even if our students are with some learning disabilities, they realized that they can be useful in many ways; they were very proud and happy for being involved in this project,  now they have more confidence and openness to the world.

I would like to give my special thanks to the teachers  Ecaterina Grecu and Iuliana Ciubuc for giving us the  chance to participated at this interesting, wonderful project., for useful advices and feedback.

Looking forward to work with you again,

Teodora Popescu and the students from CSEI Nr.1 Bistrita, Romania

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