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What is peer pressure according to our students



We asked our students what is peer pressure according to them and we received they opinions. The participants of the project could express their opinions but what they said is also very valuable for us as the teachers and tutors. Here are a few examples:


Peer pressure is when you are sad or when your friends want that you make bad things for them. For example buy alcohol or something else.  By Bianka from Germany


Peer pressure is when your friends say that you should do different things like drinking and smoking or taking drugs. By Soren from Germany


In my opinion peer presure is that tour peers are trying to put you, or somebody else up to do something wrong.
Example: your classmates trying to tell you that smoking or drinking isn`t bad. By Franek from Poland


Peer pressures are: missing school, shoplifting, lie your parents, because help a classmate to cheat in a test, ignoring people, writing graffiti, breaking windows. By Ada from Poland


Peer pressure is when your friends insist on you to serve them, doing different  things for them, drunk and smoke etc. according to me . By Olga from Poland


I think that they say often things that you should to do but you shouldn't do this. That's siily a test of courage. By Julia from Germany


I find pressure in my peer is for example a brand clothes. Many people get bullied when they don`t wear brand clothes. By Lea from Germany


Peer pressure is when you must lie to your parents, because
someone wants a lot of money from you.
By Pauline from Germany

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